Arrow Connect Gateway

Arrow Connect is a software solution that plumbs the data from the edge to the cloud. Developed by Arrow and designed with security, scale, flexibility, device management, open APIs and extensibility as core tenants enabling broad use cases across multiple industriesArrow Connect is capable of bridging any device to any data platform. Connect lets you select the right hardware and the right platform for your application and provides the hooks to seamlessly connect it all. As you evolve, Connect evolves with you, requiring minimal development effort as you upgrade or change hardware, add different gateways, or change cloud platforms. You can provision, control, import, assign, activate, update, suspend, replace, deactivate, and more all from a single platform. Arrow Connect makes device management easy so you can focus on driving business value via data analytics and machine learning tools.Arrow Connect certified solutions enable you rapidly create solutions or Arrow Connect Gateway SDKs enable you to connect any device on the edge running on the gateway of your choice. Arrow Connect also provides integrated identity managent, roles-based access control, device management and device control, and application development PaaS with flexibility to store the data within the Arrow Connect or directly into PaaS services from leading vendors. Leveraging a built from ground up multi-tenant capability, Arrow Connect provides flexibility and the ability to white-label for customers looking to bring a complete solution to market.
Operating System Android