Caller name & SMS sender talker

Caller name & SMS sender talker, an announce caller in your phone with a name pronouncer, announce caller or announce SMS sender name in your phone if you have a text message voice alert, so say caller name why???Caller name Because People around the world use the phone everywhere and almost every second or minute they receive a call SMS or tru ecaller, for caller name announcer there is some special moment people can't touch the phone for a caller name because they was far of their phone or they was working in some special work by hand (sport, driving, in the kitchen...etc.) and need tru ecaller or caller name announcer to know who are you caller id android That why we develop that application for you friends a caller name and SMS sender talker to check who are you caller id android and a tru ecaller for a caller name announcer to make it easy for you friends.Announce caller or announce SMS sender or caller name and caller name announcer, you will hear from your phone who is the caller or sender tru ecaller means who are you caller id android, without looking or touching your phone, you will hear for example a caller name and caller name announcer like, you have a text message from a tru ecaller voice alert a name pronouncer, say caller name or caller name announcer is your friend or father or your boss by caller's name So it is easy Caller Name Speaker announces the name or the number of incoming call or SMS. Caller Name Speaker can also read the content of SMS and a tru ecaller. Also you will receive a Smart SMS which reads out incoming message and show message on the screen. SMS Popup shows a popup dialog when a SMS received on your android phone and if you need to reply to the person do it with the popup itself.-Features for Caller name & SMS sender talker : Customize your Caller Name Announcer and SMS sender * Switch On/Off speaking caller name.* Switch On/Off incoming SMS sender name only.* Change repeat mode announcements for caller name* Test text before announce caller name or announce SMS sender for tru ecaller and caller name * Choose your own mode of caller name announcer * Caller Name Announcer is completely "FREE DOWNLOAD".
Operating System Android