Pest repellent sound

Pest repellent sound is the optimal frequency sound for any fly/bugThe Anti Pest repellent sound repellent displaces rodents,fly,bugs,ant,rats and more.. repelling them from your home with sound waves that create intense auditory stress for pest. It works significantly different from other anti fly applications too.Hurting pest with ultrasonic sound only it is so easy with pest repellent sound app,the ultrasonic sound starting in low level and increasing the effect after some seconds,in this way the hurting is more effective.poisoning is no needed any more when the pest ran away,poisoning can make many demage to other animals too, so try this repellent sound first.No more pest,rotter or mouse, pets don't like this sound. so they run away when you will press on the "ON" button.This pest repellent sound is very simple - just 1 button to make it ON/OFF.You can also is this app like a prank to annoying your friends with this sound :)People using this sound sometimes for anti dog barking or anti bee and more..When you start this app maybe you will not hear the frequency sound. some people are not sensetive to those sounds. so please wait for results.Make sure your phone in high volume. be patient. the pest hearing is better than human hearing.If you like my app please rate me, thank you!
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