Chinatown Cheats GTA [CTW]

[Please read the instructions of how to enter cheats using "How to use" button]. =. [THIS IS NOT A GAME]. =Description: I would like to introduce an application that provides with cheats for Chinatown Wars game. Application provides with on-screen button that displays all available cheats when pressed. The 'Cheats' button can be easily accessed from the game. Once the cheat has been picked from the list, it will be displayed at the top of the screen which will allow user to use the code. Benefits: Quick access to all available cheats. Cheats are nicely categorised. Button with transparency to make sure that underneath content can be viewed. Application can be easily disabled from the cheats list. By pressing the cheat from the list, the code that needs to be typed in will automatically appear on the top of the screen for 10 second so that there is no need to keep the code in mindPermissions: Draw over other apps - It is needed to have the 'Cheats' button displayed on the top of the game.
Operating System Android