Hidden Spy Camera Detector - Device Detector

This Hidden Spy Camera Detector - Device Detector provides you feature todetect hidden cameras around you. This app is the best and easiest solution foryour privacy. If you are traveling a lot and staying in hotels. You can use this camera detector tosafe yourself from being spied. Hidden Camera Detector Usage: You just have to move your phone in your surroundings to detect hidden cameraand to find any unusual magnetic activity which may be a hidden camera or ahidden device as this app is also hidden device detector as well as a hiddencamera detector. This hidden camera detector uses magnetic field and it is the reason of varyingreadings. This is not our fault this is the limitation of sensor of different phones. Infrared camera detector: camera detector comes with another feature which is detect infrared light. Onlyopen the infrared camera detector and scan for white light that appear on screenbut not visible by naked eye. Such white light indicate infrared light. It could beinfrared camera. Your normal cam can also detect it but what we have is inbuiltfeature with luminosity effect. It is easy to use- It has accurate measurements- Uses magnetic sensor- Detects magnetic fieldImportant: If there is no magnetic sensor you cannot use this app. You can check for yourphone's specification online to know whether your phone has the magnetometersensor or not. If there is no camera nearby and the camera detector is showing high reading youjust have to shake the phone gently to make reading accurate. This camera detector asks for Internet permission (To fetch ads). Camera Permission is taken for IR Camera Detection. This app detect camera even when it is not visible by naked eye. This hidden spycamera detector can be used in Changing Room, Dressing room, or publicbathrooms to detect hidden cameras around you and to make you feel safe. Rate us and share this app with your friends.
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