NPC Antivirus and Security : Mobile Virus Cleaner

Free Security Protection and Junk Cleaner for Mobile Phone. Trusted by millions users, NPC Security is the only all-in-one Junk Cleaner and antivirus app that optimises your background apps, memory space, junk (cache) files and battery power, while keeping your device safe from virus, malware, vulnerabilities, adware and trojans. Download this FREE optimisation and antivirus app that's intuitively designed to protect your mobile lifestyle in just ONE tap. Here comes the most trusted and widely used mobile booster and free antivirus fast speed 2017. It enables to optimise device performance through its booster cleaner function. With this Booster and antivirus fast speed 2017, your phone will be clean and fast like never before. Booster cleaner function allows removal of malware and virus from your phone and make it clean like new after daily use. malware protection feature allows you to have realtime protection against virus, threats and malware bytes. You can say without any doubt that it is a best malware and virus remover tool available. Real time protection app which gives very secure firewall against any attack and malware protection advanced features. Android security 2017 is a very good ram space cleaner which allows multiple features within single app. Security and Antivirus combines a full and complete set of protection layer to check each and every application and internet protection is also included. Master clean is with single tap and cleans with a security 360 24 hours protection. It is a Free antivirus named NVG antivirus free. Major features include Virus cleaner security which blocks and enable you to take care of every suspected attack. Its antivirus Security and Cleaner super programatic routines makes it the best 2017 Antivirus (Virus cleaner). Master security makes applock resulting locked access of every application's permissions needed. Free vpn is also coming in next version and booster is included in version 1.2. It is a software pack including both Antivirus & Cleaner all in one. Provides best mobile security & antivirus total free. It also works fine on all tablet versions of android in addition to mobile security and antivirus persky. Now you can openly connect to open networks and free wifi connections with no threat to your privacy or phone because it is protected by cafee Mobile Security. Key FeaturesMalware Protection & Antivirus CleanerAutomatically enables and detects malware Prevents installation or backdoor installation of malware. Strong capability to identify and remove most lethal malware and virus. ProtectionThe best data protection app that secures the data infringement. Helps to maintain privacy protection Ram CleanerOne click ram space cleaner enabling fast processing Virus RemovalScan the device, identify and remove viruses causing low device performance and keeping the device safe. Data PrivacyHelps you to manage applications access to your personal data by maintaining data Privacy protection. Spam Blockersecures the devices by blocking all types of spamming.
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