Developer's Toolbox - Root and non-root tools

Developer's Toolbox contains the tools developers may need. By using Developer's Toolbox you can reduce the app overhead in your device. Warning: some tools in this app require root access. Numeric Converter Convert between numeric systems. Example binnary -> hex. Base64 Converter A tool for converting base64 to string and string to base64. Hasher Hash value calculator. Currently supported hashing algorithms: md5, sha, sha256. Request Maker A tool for making http and https requests. Build Prop Editor[ROOT] A editor for "build. prop" file. Wireless ADB[ROOT] Easily enable and disable wireless Android Debug Bridge (ADB). Wifi Pass Reminder[ROOT] A tool for seeing saved passwords. URL Encode / Decode Encode and decode url. Shared Preference Editor[ROOT] Easily edit shared preferences. Text / Binnary Converter Convert between binnary and text. HTML Encoder / Decoder Encode and decode HTML. APK Extractor Extract APK files from installed apps. Regex Tester Test your Regular Expressions. JSON Prettify / Minify Pretify or Minify JSON. Rebooter[ROOT] Easily reboot your device, boot into recovery and bootloader.
Operating System Android