Phone Signal Strength - Pro

Check how good your cell phone signal strength is at home or at work, upstairs or downstairs. Is the signal strength low or are you having a lot of cell handovers (handoffs) due to a poor signal; check if you should consider a different cell phone operator, or make your important calls from a different room. Phone Signal Strength allows you to check cell phone signal quality in detail (signal strength, handovers, radio type changes) over time and get cell network information. Monitor signal strengthProvides an overview of SIM, network and signal strength (up to 1 minute). The signal graph is color coded to represent the signal level (green, yellow, red). Cell handovers (handoffs) are shown with vertical orange bars. Cell radio technology changes (e.g. LTE 4G to UMTS 3G) are shown with blue vertical bars. Signal strength graphShows a detailed signal strength graph with data since Phone Signal Strength was started (up to 60 minutes). Scrollable and pinch-zoomable. Telephony info. Shows an overview of the current phone and SIM information. Cell towersShows the cells detected. StatisticsShows the percentage of time the signal level has been low, good or very good. Shows the number of cell handovers and type changes (e.g. LTE 4G to UMTS 3G). Shows a list of significant events, including: Cell handovers, cell type changes and signal strength dropping to low. NotesPlease note that not all phones correctly report signal strength. If you have a problem with Phone Signal Strength, please report it as a bug and I will investigate. Thanks.
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