First of all, this application requires ROOTGuide: v=66Y58hNYFw4 (VNM) Vi du cho game TLBB-3D: https://goo. gl/SPrXYHFor some reason, you need a simple application to perform single tap on a single (X, Y) coordinates, this is the purpose of this applicationPERMISSIONS: 1. SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW: Use this permission is to show the floating icon2. GET_TASKS: To prevent this application perform auto tap when this application itself is fore-ground. This permission will be deprecated since Android 5.03. PACKAGE_USAGE_STATS: Similar to GET_TASKS permission, but this is for Android 5. Once application started, a screen will be opened to ask permission to check usage.
Price USD 1.49
License Purchase
Version 2.2.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements None