Mining Observer

Mining Observer - simple application for checking miners on different pool. Watch your mining rigs from your mobile. This application shows the current speed, balance and a lot of various information. With the notification function, you will always know about problem mining. Main features: reported hashrate- average hashrate- hashrate change- unpaid balance- speed down notification- widgets- earnings calculator- etc.Supported pools: Ethermine- Nanopool- Flypool- Dwarfpool- Suprnova-. Minepro (zenmine. pro, etcmine. pro, expmine. pro, hushmine. pro, zclmine. pro) - CoinmineSupported coins: ETH, ETC, EXP, DCR, LBC, ZEC, ZCL, SIA, XMR, PASC, SIGT, HUSH, etc.The program will be periodically updated with adding new functionality and support new pool.
Operating System Android