Satellite director guide 2017

With this program you can easily align your satellite dish. To determine the satellite dish direction, you should choose your satellite from dropdown list, come near the dish, wait for the best accuracy, fix your position (long tap or menu), and moving away, get your current azimuth, most closely matching. guide of Satellite Director is a tool to hlep you know all things about satellite for finding TV satellites and aligning satellite use your point dish finder of view the reality of increased camera dishpointer to see and target dish finder satellites in the sky. Sensor SatFinder PRO (satellite locator) is a tool to help the component of the satellite dish. I'll give you azimuth, and a list of satellite channels. The result is displayed as long as the data and Google Maps digital charts. And also built in the appropriate satellite. A also pour UTILIZATION augmented reality Where is the show on the satellite view. Finding a satellite TV or antenna, in azimuth, can be quite difficult. Before you can find it with a compass, magnetic variation, azimuth of the compass and azimuth of the satellite. Satellite Director replaces all this. Direct TV set Satellite TV {locater | no one}Use your dishpointer guide and read all the information about televisions and geostationary satellites for augmented reality that look at satellites Icons in places where they can be | They can be | They are really} {located | Placed> in the skyThank you for using "Satellite Director as well as SatFinder.
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