Programmer Calculator Pro

This is the paid version of Programmer Calculator. Please, note: this version doesn't give you any extra functionality, but removes advertisements. Thanks for your support. Programmer Calculator comes with a simple but pretty design and makes your decimal, hexadecimal and binary dreams come true with just a few taps of your smartphone or tablet screen. Thanks to the simple user interface design, you can comfortably manipulate numbers in multiple systems of numeration at the same time. For now, decimal, hexadecimal and binary systems are available, but if you keep using the app, even the 8th dimension might open up eventually. Welcome to the Matrix, Programmer. Supported byte orders: Little Endian, - Big Endian. Supported numeric types: 8 bits (byte), - 16 bits (short / word), - 32 bits (int / dword), - 64 bits (long / qword), - Float and Double. Signed and Unsigned. Supported bitwise operations (in all of the systems of numeration) : Addition, - Subtraction, - Multiplication, - Division, - Remainder calculation (modulo, sign is that of the dividend), - Or, - Xor, - And, - Not, - Shift left, - Shift right, - Rotate left, - Rotate right. If you have any questions or suggestions (or bug reports, but let's hope you won't have those), feel free to drop me an email. Also, if you don't like the app and uninstall it, please leave some kind of feedback so I can make it better. Thank you. Known bugs: Shifting by a negative number may crash the app or cause an infinite loop (hang).
Operating System Android