Developing yourself as a professional is now easy, you will learn theoretical and practical fundamentals on all the areas that make up a true electromechanical. 1. Maintenance of Industrial Boilers2. Pneumatic3. Automatism4. Refrigeration - Introduction - Recovery and Recycling - Manual Valves - Selenoid Valves - Cooling oil - Cleaning Procedures - Refrigerants - Psychrometry5. Mechanics- Introduction to Mechanics- Engine Fundamentals- Distribution system- Lubrication system- Refrigeration system- Power System- Ignition system- Ignition Timing6. Electricity- Calculators of voltage drop, cable type, cable number, Solargis, consumption calculation and much more. Automation- Electrical Contactors- Color code- Calculation of Loads- Cable Gauge- Intelligent Systems- Ohm's law- Horus Smart Homes- History- What is Materia? - PDF Solar Panels- PDF Electrical Circuits- PDF Analysis of Circuits- Technical manual- Interpretation of plans- Electric charges- Electrostatics- Coulomb Act- Kirchhoff Laws- Conductive Materials- Insulating Materials- Ways of Generation- Power Source- Solar energy- Wind power- Hydroelectric- Electrical Risks- Signage- Fire extinguishers- Electromagnetism- Grounding- Exothermic Welding- Symbology- Alternating current- Continuous Current- Electrical circuit- Circuit Series- Parallel circuit- Single Switch- Double Switch- Three Way Four Way- Definition of Intensity and Voltage- Capacitors- Capacitors and Capacitance- Generator- Multimeter- Ammeter- Photocell- Motion sensorSmart- Protection- Ballast- Motor connection- Engine Configuration- Electric motors- Installed potency- Servomotor- BTicino- Installations, Channels and Maneuver and ProtectionSOLAR ENERGY FUNDAMENTALS- Types of Photovoltaic Solar Energy Systems- Solar Photocells- How does a solar panel work- How Much Does Solar Energy Cost? - Difference between Solar Panel and Solar Cell- Light. No batteries, no fuel or sunlight- What You Need to Know About Solar Energy- Battery Life- Energy saving, solar power functions- Solar Water HeatersElectricity is a physical phenomenon and is related to the attraction between two particles. "The force of attraction between electrons and protons".
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