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Hdmi connect use the usb connector to hdmi cable to tvto read USB flash drives and show in tv. Why to use MHL (HDMI) Switch? Android OS default is auto-switch on when MHL (HDMI) cable inserting, this is most inconvenient if you don't want to show your phone screen always. What's the MHL (HDMI) Switch? MHL (HDMI) Switch is a widget to control MHL output, you can turn off TV signal in proper time. How to use? HDMI Premium Cable App enables consumers to authenticate HDMI products tagged with the HDMI Unique Label to get the assurance that they can fully enjoy the complete 4K/UltraHD experience when viewing 4K contents well as card readers from your phone or tablets. wifi driveAll you have to do is connect the wifi drive/ flash drive to an cable then plug in the micro USB connector of your tablet, or mouse or wifi adapter then open this application you will see all files in USB drive and you can open them with your favorite app viewers or editors free disk, Use your phones IR blaster to change inputs on your Audio switcher;No more hunting for lost remotes, just use this application free disk;The home screen widget allows quick switching of video sources without needing to open the app;Compatible with 2 and 4 input switchers;Also allows you to toggle the power on your switcher;=> Automatically start app on device connect. => Automatic mount at TV and watching Movie and Football match. => Mount and Unmount drive with a single click. => Notification when drives mounted. wifi /=> Full NTFS support free disk. => exFAT support. indrive. => Notification when drives mounted. => Load modules required automatically. => Option to enable utf-8 mode. => Load modules required automatically.
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