Remote Level allows for easy leveling of your RV or trailer (travel, 5th wheel, horse, racing, or any other trailer) using this app on two Android devices or with a dedicated external accelerometer (BJY61). Features: Uses Bluetooth to communicate to remote devices. Takes the guesswork out of leveling on your travel trailer or RV. Large gauges indicate visually the amount of level either via degrees of angle or height in inches/centimeters. An indicator lights up when level. An arrow indicates which side needs to be raised. Left to right and front to rear leveling are separated to make leveling a single axis easier. Works perfectly with Andersen levelers where the amount of lift is variable. Just back up until the app shows level and stop. Amount of height to add to the lowest wheel can be shown. This allows the correct blocks to be selected which eliminates trial and error. This can be enabled in the settings. Multiple positions can be saved each with their own name to indicate their use (level, hitching position, and others) - Multiple devices can be leveled each with their own saved positions. Device being leveled can be placed in any orientation including face-down which is the flattest surface on most devices. You can use your old phone to work as the remotely leveled device or buy an inexpensive one. If you don't have another phone or want a more permanent solution, you can purchase the BJY61 on Amazon which can be hardwired to trailer power using a DC-DC converter. This removes the need to have two Android devices. Support for Android 4.0+Users Guide - https://goo. gl/junSceBJY61 (Bluetooth enabled MPU6050) - https://goo. gl/Rjpri7Join the Open Beta - https://play.google.com/apps/testing/org. huebert. remotelevel.
Operating System Android