Overview: Thank You for Purchasing KENO NDP. The Ultimate Next Draw Predictor. (Now Only 0.99c) The Main aim of KENO NDP is to use 5 different formulas to predict the next drawing of a Keno Game. Using special algorithms in conjunction with a seed based system that the Android Operating System can understand to derive a prediction from. These Formulas are based on Hundreds of Thousands previous Keno Draws. (Please Check my Website http://kenondp.com for more information). Developed with the help of a top class developer from xda-developers this software runs on Phones to Tablets and is easy to use. What is Keno? Keno is a game of chance that's runs approximately every 3 minutes (eg Club Keno). 20 numbers are randomly generated between 1 and 80. You win if the numbers drawn match the numbers you have selected. The prize amount depends on how many of your numbers are drawn out of how many numbers you have selected. Keno NDP can also be used with Casino Keno Slot Machines, eg Caveman Keno etc.General Instructions and Special Test Mode: 1. (On the HOME page) SELECT 20 NUMBERS THAT CAME OUT FROM A PREVIOUS KENO DRAW (Selected Numbers will change to BLUE). The 3 minute timer can be pressed at any stage and will reset at 0 or if pressed again. 2. (On the OPTIONS page) SELECT HOW MANY NUMBERS BETWEEN 4 AND 20 YOU WOULD LIKE TO PREDICT AND SELECT A FORMULA TO USE TO PREDICT THE NEXT DRAW AND PRESS SAVE. 3. Swipe back to the HOME page and PRESS PREDICT. The Predicted Result (Numbers in ORANGE) will be displayed according to how many numbers you picked to predict. 4. THE PREDICT button will toggle to RESET. Press RESET to clear the board and Start Again. Please Note: Pressing the HOME button on your phone will keep the app in memory. Pressing BACK button on your phone will Completely EXIT the app. SPECIAL TESTING / VERIFICATION MODE: Built into the app is a formula verification mode, to prove repeatability in results from numbers sets used with different formulas and to clear the predicted result without pressing RESET button. HOW TO USE: As before use STEPS 1 to 3 (take note of the predicted numbers), then swipe to the FORMULAS page then swipe back to HOME page, this will clear the predicted result. Now you can go to the OPTIONS page and choose a different formula for the same set of numbers and do repeatability tests on the predicted results. This mode proves that predicted numbers are not chosen at Random. HAVE FUNGOOD LUCK. Please Check my Website: http://kenondp.com for more information.
Operating System Android