Syncfusion Ionic samples

Syncfusion Essential Studio for Ionic platform is the most comprehensive suite of HTML5 JavaScript components for building cross-platform applications and web applications. The controls' explorer demonstrates different UI components that are available in our ionic platform. This explorer includes a rich selection of components including grids, charts, schedule, and many more. We have included all these components in one app in order to demonstrate how they look in a real device. You can check both web and mobile ionic samples demo in this link: http://js. - Generates all the popular linear and 2D barcode types. BulletGraph - Similar to the commonly used bar chart, but can contains much more information within the same space. Chart - Over 25 chart types available, ranging from line charts to specialized financial charts. Gauges - Visualizes numeric values using radial, linear, and digital gauges. Grid - An efficient display engine for tabular data and that supports features like paging, sorting, filtering, searching, grouping, and editing. HeatMap - Represents data in the form of a map or diagram in which data values are denoted as colours. Maps - Easily visualizes numeric data over a geographic map. RadialMenu - Context that represents menu items arranged in a circular order with a centric button element. RadialSlider - Provides an optimized interface for selecting a numeric value using touch. RangeNavigator - Provides a very intuitive interface for filtering data. Sparkline - Data-intense, design-simple graphic that allows end users to spot trends, variations, and patterns in data in a clear and compact representation. Sunburst Chart - Visualizes hierarchical data in a circular chart with interactive legends, segment selection and highlighting, data labels, and more. TreeGrid - Displays data in a tree-like tabular structure. TreeMap - Displays tree-structured data as a set of nested rectangles. Website: Send us your questions or feedback to:
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