A completely new and updated version of the beloved 'Range Card' App. Now supports MGRS coordinates as well as Lat. / Lon. Range finder and range card. A tactical data system for your phone. An essential tool for the long range rifle shooter. Use Google Maps/Satellite and your device GPS for range determination and build your own digital range card. Use sliding reticule for fast and accurate range and bearing estimation. Build your own range card on top of Google maps/satellite by entering targets from map view, satellite view or from GPS. Constantly updates range and bearing to all target and positions. Customize target and display properties. Customize units. Compute range and bearing between any two targets. Use any target or position as the reference base from which bearing and range are computed. Check your raw GPS fix. A must have for all hunters, shooters and outdoors people. Use with a ballistic calculator like 'Shooter' for incredible accuracy results. Also great for Golfing, orienteering, caching, hiking, surveying etc.Field tested and proven by professionals. New features: MGRS coordinates support. Improved easier to use user interface. Supports caching of maps and offline use. Use normal, satellite, terrain, or hybrid maps. Choose from true bearing or magnetic bearings automatically adjusted for geo-magnetic declination. Use any position or target as a base reference from which bearing and range are measured. Look angle computed for all targets. Save windage and elevation adjustments per target. Targets and positions can be moved and adjusted on the map by dragging. No ads or in app purchases, no data harvesting. Just an app that works.
Operating System Android


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