Network Signal WIFI Boosting

Network Signal Wifi Boosting is a free internet speed booster utility app. Our app fix internet connection and boost signal to increase speed. With one touch of your finger, you can get optimum wifi signal without a fuss. Our signal booster is simple, fast, and powerful. That's why you need to install our awesome wifi master on your Android phone. Don't worry. Our signal booster app takes just a moment to download and install, and it takes even less time to increase speed. We all have experienced the irritation and annoyance of having slow connection. Part of it is caused by unstable wifi signal. The problem might come from your Android device, disruptions of the Wifi signal, or it might come from the router. Whatever it is, it can't hurt to try to fix internet connection and boost signal by using our free app. We want to create a wifi master and the best wifi booster for Android. That's why we work hard to make sure our wifi speed and internet booster works effectively for every Android device on the market. Our app works by finding the best settings and channels when you connect network using advanced algorithm. You don't have to set up anything, we will do the heavy lifting for you. We understand that most of our users don't understand technical terms associated with wifi connection. A good network speed booster or internet speedmaster should be simple to use but effective. = FUNCTIONS IN NETWORK SIGNAL WIFI BOOSTING: =1. One Tap control to boost signal that will also increase speed and fix internet connection. 2. Turn On and Off your Wifi Connection within our app. 3. Turn On and Off your Mobile Data within our app. Network Signal Wifi Boosting only has one screen. There's no need to navigate complex application just to connect network and boost your wifi speed. Only one screen where you can access every feature you need. The TAP TO BOOST is at the center of the screen. This is the speedmaster that will improve your wifi connection. On the right and left side, there are buttons to disconnect or connect network, either Mobile Data, or Wifi. The screen itself has beautiful and colorful design with large letters and buttons for easier viewing and tapping. Put our internet booster app within reach all the time. There are many advantages to do this: you can immediately open our signal booster to boost wifi signal and get optimum wifi speed. You can also disconnect or connect network connection easily from within our app with only one tap of your finger; you don't have to access the Setting screen to do it. Prepare to feel the difference by downloading our best wifi booster now. It's cost nothing and will improve your internet tremendously. Network Signal Wifi Boosting is surely a true wifi master. +++Love our internet speed booster? Please give us your support. We treasure every review and rating you give us and we will always try to improve our internet booster app and turn it into the best wifi booster application for Android. By using the applications we provide you are agreeing to the collection and use of certain information, as described in this privacy policy document. Please read thoroughly and feel free to contact us with any question or issue. We are sharing this privacy policy with you to let you know exactly what sort of information we collect, what we do with that information (and what for) and who we share this information with. http:realappsmaker. net/PrivacyPolicy.html.
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