Soap Lye Calculator

Developed and tested by experienced soapers, this handy lye calculator is all you need to make bar (NaOH), liquid (KOH), or mixed soaps. Soap Lye Calculator will accurately calculate required lye amounts, the estimated amount of liquids for your recipe, and the soap's composition and properties. Our soap calculator includes a number of features necessary for professional soap making. Features: 136 oils supported. Functionality for making bar, liquid, and mixed soaps. Emailing of soap recipes with an easy-to-read tabular format html file and a. csv file (you can open and edit. csv files in Microsoft Excel). Save soap recipes to. csv and.html files on your device. Editable samples for each kind of soap to make getting started easier. Recipes automatically saved into your list. Extra functionality allows for making cream soaps (calculates water and glycerin needed to make a cream soap). Properties are calculated for each soap (fatty acid composition and soaping properties). Each soap is given a cleansing factor. The cleansing factor is a representation of the total amount of soap molecules within a weight unit of any soap expressed as a % comparison to that of Fractionated Coconut Oil soap. Option for specifying fragrance details. Configurable in grams, ounces, and pounds. Simple, easy to use interface. Visit us on Facebook at and please contact us at richjavalabs at gmail dot com if you have any questions or suggestions. Thanks and enjoy: D.
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