Easy Unrar / UnZip

This application support you to easy unrar/ unzip file very fast and simple. Easy Unrar, Unzip & Zip allows you to extract rar and zip files easily. It has a browser to view files on your phone or your tablet. Supporting all versions of rar files, archives protected by a password and multi-part archives. Get simple zip compression, multi-part compression and AES encryption. Easy Unrar & Zip enables archived content display without decompression. Save time by selecting files and extracting them. Then open the files directly in Easy Unrar & Zip. Whole movies can be extracted and opened in a matter of minutes. Support unrar, unzip file has password protected. Search file rar/zip in your devices and unrar, unzip them simple. Show History or PREVIEW Files without unrar, unzip. Fast and simple unrar/unzip.
Operating System Android