Super Security Antivirus&Boost

If there are pages that tell you you have virus on your phone, they are generated by malicious promotion with false ads. Please go to our app, swipe up the control panel, go to "Settings" - "Feedback" - "General" - "Tricked or forced to install Super Security" and we can locate where the promotion from. Thanks for your cooperation. Super Security is an app aiming to bring best protection to user regarding mobile security, Anti-virus & privacy protection. With Super Security, your phone will be fully protected. Never have to worry about malware invasion and privacy leakage. Super Security Featuring: State-of-the-art anti-virus mechanism - Real-time detection at virus appearance, immediate location of suspicious behavior and thorough cleanse of dangerous files. Super Real-time protection - block any suspicious app behavior & files, avoid malware invasion from every aspect, including Wi-Fi security & storage safety. Thorough Cleanse - Scan every corner of your phone storage for outdated files, trash & dangerous files and perform a full-scale cleanse. Comprehensive Applock System - Lock every app with private information that you don't want others to see, providing a well-rounded protection of your privacy. Phone Boost - Stop background running apps & free RAM, boost phone speed. Privacy Cleaner - Clean all your browsing histories, never have to worry about privacy leakage. Junk File Cleaner - Clean all junk generated by apps & speed up your phone. Contact Us: Email:
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