Hardware monitoring. Real time. WAIT. Install the server before purchasing the app. Get it here: http://sentientapp.com. After installing and running the server go to http://localhost: 6620/api/cpu to see if it's working. You should see some info about your hardware in JSON format. Check also http://localhost: 6620/api/gpu and make sure your gpu is correctly identified. If you can't access the server, make sure to have correctly installed and ran the server software and try again. To be able to monitor your hardware from remote you will probably need to configure your firewall and router. The app will need virtually zero resource from you pc or your Android device. The server runs a service using less than 10 MiB of RAM, while the app is active only when is open. With Sentient you can remotely check you hardware status. Sensors includes: CPU temperature and load;- GPU (s) temperature and load;- Network throughput;- RAM usage;- Drives used and free space.
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