Handgun Coach Lite

Improve your handgun accuracy with Handgun Coach Lite. To toss the ads buy the PRO version $1. NEW FEATURES. Added drill timer for a simple reload drill, work to beat your best times. Added a 2 player game (similar to 501/darts) with scoreboard and link to target included. Added 4 player scoreboard and instructions for playing HORSE. Added scope click calculatorTo use the app shoot between 3-6 shots at your gun's recommended range, check your target to see where your shot group is. In the app select the button that best represents your shot placement on the target. The app then explains why you are grouping off target from your mark, thus allowing you to hone in on your accuracy. Handgun Coach creates good shooting habits that everyone should practice. The app also includes a link to a list of YouTube videos explaining proper holding techniques, and two shortcuts for finding shooting ranges and ammo suppliers near you. It even has options for left handed shooters. Get detailed information about your shot grouping and tips to improve your shot by checking the "tips" box, or if you want it short and to the point leave it unchecked.
Operating System Android