Get your master-keying done fast with Pin Cylinder Pro, the BEST pin calculator on the Play Store. Our master pin calculator figures out your master pin configuration for pin cylinder locks, using up to 3 key codes with either 5 or 6 digits. Fill out all the information about the door the lock is installed on and you can now send out an email with all the provided information to your business email address and your customer as well. Allows you to retain the information and if a repeat call is ever necessary you won't leave the shop unprepared. The door profiling features work without the pin calculator as well, if no information is entered for key codes it just enters it into the email as blank fields and zeros. Please feel free to contact us via developer email on this page if there is anything we left out or you think would be useful. keywords: locksmith, master, change, pin, cylinder, tools, calculator, maintenance, key, lock, rekey, re-key, locksmiths, security, professional, access control, controlled, system, bottom, top.
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