Guide For Who's Your Daddy ?

This a app is A guide, for how to win in the game gamethis app is just tips and tricks. You may find some information useful here. This is a perfect for beginner and intermediate player Game: Play Whos your daddy game for craziest and wildest adventure with this best strategies. your challenge as a dad is to save your baby from killing himselfAs your wife is out for some work you as a dad you have to babysit your naughty baby. after making him sleep in his room you plan to enjoy in your free time. But things don't go as planned. as your child refusses to slepp and starts throwing things here and there Features of this app: Free App. Beautiful menu. Free Tips & Cheats. Color interface. This App works on most phones and tabletsPlease Note - This app is not official or related to Who's Your Daddy Team. and This is not an Official Guide.
Operating System Android