Art Price Calculator

Are you an artist? Quickly and easily price your art using this tool, and make sure you're getting paid what you deserve for all your hard work. Just enter a few details about your work, and we'll check them against our database of thousands of real-world art pricing examples, giving you our best (educated) guess as to what you could charge. Additionally, if you think our estimates are coming in a bit low (based on previous sales experience, say), you can adjust them so that all future estimates lean toward the higher pricing end. You can also adjust the prices down if you're a new artist, or if the baseline estimates seem too high for any other reason. This art pricing app is mainly aimed at beginning artists looking for a starting point for pricing their work. Established artists might find it useful as well to get an idea of the average prices other artists are charging for similar creations. Features: Art pricing estimates for your work using thousands of real-world examples- Confidence level graph lets you know how accurate we think our estimate is- Simple, intuitive interface- Option to skew art prices higher or lower- Ability to save estimates- Ability to add photos of your art to your saved estimates- Online AND offline mode (offline mode less accurate) - Free lifetime updates, including frequent additions of more and better real-world pricing data- More. Free TRIAL: We have a limited (e.g. no photo storage) free trial version of our app that you can try here: We don't store or share any of your information. Any photos you take and estimates you save are stored locally on your device. FINAL NOTES: You'll notice that the options are fairly simple, and this was done on purpose. We didn't include, for example, a "Giclee" option, but instead have simply a "Print" selection. We tried hard to strike a balance between simplicity and variability, and found that the options provided are enough to give most pieces of art a good estimate. With all the awesome variability in art out there, we couldn't include sliders and options for every possible creation. Also, this app isn't meant to guess what you're already charging for your art, but instead to give you an idea of the average price that artists are charging for a similar piece, so that if you're in the dark, you have a place to start. The real world is complicated, subjective, and dynamic, so this app is just another tool to help you out.
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