Backup And Restore App

Backup And Restore App is a very simple tool to backup and help you manage all applications on your Android. Manage your device data whenever and wherever you need, the fastest way possible. Backup all your apps to SD card and restore them, every time you need. Using Backup And Restore App, you'll be able to share, backup, restore, or even delete any of the installed apps on your device. Backup And Restore App cannot backup data or settings of you apps, but only its APK files. Backup And Restore App best Features: Backup Installed Apps- Restore Installed Apps- App Manager- Quick Search- Share APK File- Quick Uninstall Apps- Free- Easy to useThis functions are very useful, specially to help you manage apps that you don't use frequently. This is an easy and fast way for user to manage all installed applications on the Android device. Please Note: Backup And Restore App cannot backup, restore, transfer or share data or settings of apps, it only backup, restore, transfer or share the apk files.
Operating System Android