Get the brightest flashlight Free with LED flash alerts for your calls. Get LED blinking signals whenever there's a call. 10 frequencies of blinking mode easily controlled by the scroll. Built-in SOS mode for you to send signals with just one click. Boost mode to get you away from lagging and freezing. And you can turn on the flashlight without open the app or unlock the screen. Key Features: LED Alert Mode for Your CallThe LED flashlight would blink whenever there's a call coming in. Never worry about missing a call when you're in a party or a meeting. A Bright, Fast and Simple LED flashlight in your pocket. Strobe Mode: 10 frequencies to send signals. SOS Mode: Send SOS signals in emergencies. Built-in Compass: Guide your way in the dark. Smart Widget: Turn on the flashlight with one click. Power Saving: Consume reasonable amount of battery. Enjoy the brightest flashlight free lighting up your way at night with just one click to INSTALL. Light your torch now. With the most elegant design and the fastest start-up, it definitely outruns a real flashlight. And it's totally Free.
Operating System Android