Ionic 2 UI Theme - Yellow Dark

Get 300+ Ionic UI screens and build your Ionic/AngularJS mobile app. CHECK FULL FEATURE PREVIEWS AND BUY TEMPLATE HERE. Get 30+ Ionic 2 UI screens and build your Ionic 2 /Angular 2 mobile app. Save hours of developing by using our 30+ beautifully designed HTML5 layouts. Choose functions that you need and combine hundreds of HTML5 UI components by your wish. Don't lose time in breaking your head and build HTML5 mobile app from scratch - we did it for you. All main functions are here. You can make almost any app with our UI template app. We made really superb organized main SASS file with all needed variables in wish to provide developers low time consuming tool for fast and clean-code development of best mobile apps. You can change all app screens in one file to adjust it to your brand or client. By using our template you can quickly produce best mobile apps for Android and iOS. Now you have maximum flexibility and you can easy customize every theme to your needs to all 30+ layouts at once. In our Ionic 2/Angular 2 UI components we expanded default Ionic's features and functionalities and added them Material Design polishing. All elements are inspired with Google's Material Design and created by their instructions. You can easy implement UI elements source code from Ionic 2 UI theme/template by following our huge and well organized documentation. You just code (little bit), we do the design. Easy as cake. Happy coding. FULL FEATURE LIST BUILT WITH SASS (Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets) - as name said: it is awesome. We made complete theming system over one super-organized main SASS file where you can change and adjust almost all variables in all 30+ layouts at once. With SASS you can fast customize our themes or even make new. 30+ finished layouts ready to use - build your mobile application over components. Every page contain 1-2 layouts that can be very easily implemented. You can customize it and create unique HTML5 mobile app. All you need to do is to provide content. Icons - included wide range of 800+ Material Design icons from over Fontello font. No more different sized PNG's - we make it over scalable SVG format. Clean code with comments - all HTML5, CSS3 and SASS files are well commented for easier and quicker development and customizing. Fonts changeable in one line of code - we used web fonts (Roboto and Lato) as Google suggest it but it is very easy to replace it in only one line of code in main SASS file. SASS/CSS blend modes - We made several blend modes (black & white photo, darkening and gradients) so every image in app will looks perfect and boost aesthetic side of your app. Colors - color combinations of every Ionic theme are made from Google Material Design color paletteEvents - on every button we provide clickable "event" that you can override and customize by your needs. Excellent customer supportOnce you purchase, you can use our dedicated support where we quickly answer your questions. Includes great online documentation.
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