Diamond Hearts Lock Screen

Adorn your mobile device with the most beautiful Diamond Hearts Lock Screen background. Feel trendy and glamorous everyday with many diamond wallpapers for your locked screen and the most romantic heart themes that will make you fall in love immediately. This is a cute lock screen theme that any beautiful girl should have, especially those who like diamond phones and glitter themes. The app for girls also protects your mobile device from intruders, so after selecting a passcode or a password that will lock your phone you can feel safe even when your gadget is not with you. Diamond Hearts Lock Screen is the only thing you need if you want to feel elegant and secure at the same time, so get the free download here and shine like a diamond starting from today. How to set your new "lock screen": 1. Check the 'Enable lock screen' box;2. Enter your password and then and reenter the same password for confirmation;3. Now you can customize your lock screen theme: Set lock type and choose the shape of your new keypad "lock screen for girls". Set your background (choose among 6 images). Choose to show/hide numbers. Choose am/pm or 24h time setting. Turn date on/off. Choose date format on display. Show or hide battery. Change your lock screen background and enjoy looking at precious gemstones in heart shape whenever you take your smartphone or tablet. Get a diamond glitter theme for your screen saver. To decorate your phone with this "diamond lock screen" theme all you have to do is install this girly app, enter and reenter your pin code, choose your favorite cute lock screen wallpaper for girls and you are ready to go. Feel like you have a real diamond phone or swarovski crystals on your "keypad lock screen". Your friends will say wow when they see your cute screen lock wallpaper but they won't be able to read your text messages nor look at your pics if you don't let them. Download Diamond Hearts Lock Screen free of charge and fill your world with luxurious screen lock themes that resemble a diamond hearts live wallpaper. The shimmering photo effects on our "heart wallpapers and backgrounds" will give your smartphone or tablet a special and unique glow, just like a glitter lock screen does. This is a special girlish and luxury app for lock screen customization that allows you to personalize your phone with a beautiful pink heart lock screen or a cute screen lock wallpaper with shiny diamonds with a combination of the two styles so you can get "diamond hearts". Get your free Diamond Hearts Lock Screen now, feel like a princess from a fairy tale and let your wildest dreams come true. Amazing shining hearts made of thousands of glitter diamonds will make your lockscreen alive. Customize your keypad theme for the "lock screen changer" and beautify your mobile phone or tablet with amazing and gentle glitter colors that will emphasize your femininity. Diamonds are girl's best friends, and when they come in a shape of the most romantic symbol in the world, heart, there is no doubt that you will have the "best lock screen" app for girls that is ever made. We have created a privacy protection app with fancy lock screen pictures of diamond hearts so that you can feel like a little queen. So hurry, download "Diamond Hearts Lock Screen" for free and let this "heart lock screen" be the cutest jewelry that you ever wore.
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