Virtual Home (Fingerprint act)

fingerprint quick actions for your device. You dont have to click home button anymore. Experience your smartphone in a completely new way without clicking noise and hard click your home buttonYou can start quick actions by single tap or fast swipe on your fingerprint sensor. The app is in BETA, it still has bugs and lacks featureMAIN FEATURE: Virtual Home button, easy go to Home and lock your device - Virtual Home button, quick open camera or capture screen - Go to settings very quick with a touch and more cool feature will be add with every update. Feedback - If you like app please give and rate it 5 star - If you have any problem please give me feedback for your problem, i will try to fix it ASAP - Please email me if you want to send request new icon, feature. Frequently asked questions: 1. Q: How to uninstall app? A: If your use quick actions to lock device, it require turn on Device Administration so if you want uninstall application, please open app and click uninstall button. 2. Q: Why this app doesnt work on my Phone? A: Virtual Home require your device have fingerprint to work, so if your device doesnt support fingerprint sensor, sorry but it wont work. Thank for your support.
Operating System Android