InstaMapper GPS Tracker Pro

Gps Tracker brought to you by www.Insta-Mapper.comGPS Tracker allows you to track and share your location with your friends, or add fellow friends to the app and send them requests to start tracking and see where they are in real time with the built in Map. All the tracking can be done via the APP or online via the website. all you need to do is send your friend a unique link and they can track you in real-time - (they don't even need to sign up an account. ). Sign up an account on Install the App to your phone. Generate a device ID from the website. Insert the device ID in to the app. and off you go. Built in map. Add friends and track them via the app or online. Request to see you tracking from your friends. Route analysis, allowing you to track and trace a route you have taken. Low battery consumption. Auto Boot - Auto launch the app on boot. SMS activate - turn on and off the app via SMS. Multi Map - Track more than one device at once; this function can even be used for events, taxi firms and even for companies with a fleet of vehicles. API integration - Integrate your site with your own using our API functions to share your location on your own website with either a Web Service call, or using an embed iframe. Unlimited Devices - Add as many devices to your account as you wish. Background - This app runs in the background allowing you to use your device as you wish, and can trigger updates from 5 seconds to every 30 minutes depending on what you require - our GPS tracker is unique in that it sleeps in-between each update allowing strong battery life. Sharing features - Post your real-time location on social networking sites, share via email or use an Iframe embed. Dedicated GPS or Location services -use location services GPS available to consume less battery - or Dedicated GPS for more accuracy, the choice is yours. v. GoPro versionFor a small subscription you can use the insta Mapper GoPro version, This includes Stealth mode - Hiding the app icon and from the task bar. Password protection to the app. Delete SMS - Auto delete the SMS's read by the app (Such as GPS_IM_ON/GPS_IM_OFF) Secret launch - App can only be opened via a secret dialing code which you set. Completely undetectable.
Operating System Android