Telerik UI for Xamarin Samples

Telerik UI for Xamarin is a library of native and customizable UI controls for building stunning cross-platform mobile applications for the most populate mobile platforms including Android. This application shows scenarios developers can achieve using Telerik UI for Xamarin. Browse the examples to get first-hand experience with the suite. A Source code preview is available for every example. Telerik UI for Xamarin key components: CalendarThe Calendar for Xamarin is a highly customizable calendar component that offers different view modes, animations, great performance and customization options. Features at a glance: Week, Month and Year views. Selection. Flexible Styling API. ChartA versatile charting component that offers full customization, great performance and intuitive object model. Its API allows creating complex charts with stunning animations and appearance. Features at a glance: 10+ Chart Types: Column, Bar, Range Column/Bar, Pie, Doughnut, Line, Spline, Line Area, Spline Area, Scatter and Stacked Charts. Chart Axes Type Support: Numeric, Categorical and DateTime axes, allowing you to plot any type of data. Fully Customizable: Accommodates as many app scenarios as possible; the controls give you great customization flexibility. Band and Line annotations. Trackball. Pan and ZoomListViewThe ListView for Xamarin provides the most frequently used functionalities associated with a ListView scenario in one and the same framework eliminating the overhead of integrating multiple solutions from different authors. The features at a glance are: Different layout modes. UI virtualization. Pull-to-refresh. Selection. Cells swipe. Grouping. Extensive styling API. SideDrawerThe SideDrawer for Xamarin steps on the popular navigation pattern where you can access all your application screens from a single sliding menu. Polished effects and transitions are two major advantages of Telerik SideDrawer which are available out-of-the-box. The control is highly customizable and slides in from all four sides of the screen. What also distinguishes the Telerik SideDrawer control is that its items' content is not limited to navigation options; it can serve arbitrary content. Features at a glance: Supported transition effects: Push, Reveal, Reverse Slide Out, Slide Along, Slide In On Top, Scale Up, Fade In. Support for custom content - you can place not just menu items, but images, etc.
Operating System Android