PC Matic is always on the lookout for incoming threats to your Android device. Your system is safe with Real-Time Protection as well as On-Demand Scanning. Install apps with peace of mind - PC Matic will protect you. Available for PC Matic Home accounts only at this time. FEATURES: Real-Time Protection: PC Matic scans apps as they are installed for any signs of bad behavior. On-Demand Scanning: Optionally scan every existing file on your device for viruses - including system files. Scheduled Scans: Adjust your scan schedule to your needs. Schedule scans hourly, daily, weekly, or not at all. Web Portal: Manage your device from the web. View stats and scan history from any computer. Whitelist: If PC Matic detects an app that you use as being potentially harmful, you can whitelist that app so that it won't be scanned in the future. NOTE: PC Matic requires access to your phone state in order to uniquely identify your device.
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