Calida works with Nest

Control your Nest Learning ThermostatNest Home Screen Widget Wear Smartwatch support with voice control Built in Nest Automation Tasker, Locale, Zooper support Main Features. Approved by Nest https://workswith. Customizable widget with full thermostat control and parameters like the current target temperature, ambient temperature, outside temperature and more. Google Wear SmartWatch support including voice control alloing you to control the Nest Learning Thermostat right from your Google Wear SmartWatch. Built in automation allowing you to for instance set you thermostat away when leaving your home, getting notified when the heating turn on and more. Automate your Nest thermostat (s) using Tasker or Locale events and tasks. Note that you do NOT need Tasker to make use of the widget. Allows you to use Zooper to create your own hand crafted Widgets. Note that you do NOT need Zooper to make use of CalidaSpecifications. Supports all Nest supported HVAC modes, heating, cooling, ventilation and dual temperature systems. Add any number of widgets. Supports any number of Nest thermostats you might have in your house. Supports full Tasker and Locale integration using Tasker events and tasks (Tasker NOT needed to make use of Calida). Supports Zooper integration providing you will all relevant thermostat variables (Zooper NOT needed to make use of Calida). Supports Google Wear Smartwatches. Widgets are fully customizable including font sizes. Google Wear layout is fully customizable including font sizes. Widget label can be renamed. Multiple quick action options when touching the widget - Show control panel - Quick temperature set - Toggle home and away - Toggle fan - Show widget settings - Set heating mode - Set cooling mode - Set heating/cooling mode - Set off. Supports both Celsius (. C) and Fahrenheit (. F) depending on the setting in your Nest thermostat. Widgets are fully resizable from a 1 x 1 size to full screen on supported devices. Status bar notification and control for access to your thermostat (s) from any app. Status bar icon can be hidden. Shows ambient temperature. Shows target temperature. Shows humidity. Shows outside temperature. Shows home and away states. Shows leaf indicator. Shows fan state on supported Nest thermostats. Shows heating state of your Nest thermostat through the use of colors. Quickly re-assign another Nest thermostat to the widgetGoogle Wear usage notes. Swipe left to choose a thermostat. Swipe left again to change HVAC mode or home and way state. Swipe up to increase the temperature. Swipe down to decrease the temperature. Double tap to toggle way state. Single tap to start voice control. Swipe right to dismissGoogle Wear voice control usage notes. Single tap on the thermostat. You can say anything you like. The app will in most cases understand what you are asking. Some voice command examples. "Set my Nest to 60 degrees". "Set my Office to 60 degrees". "60". "Set office to away". "home". "please if at all possible set my office to cool mode"We can continue endlessly but you get the point. Built in automationConditions. Enter/Leave GPS fence. Home/away state changes. HVAC State changes. Starts cooling/heating. Turns off. Leaf changesActions. Send Notification. Set Away/Home. Set fan on/off. Heat to. Cool toFeedback and feature requestsSupport, feedback and/or feature requests email to jdvldr@gmail.comMore help. Works with Nest Store: https://workswith. Demo movie: v=6xI4mReToyc. Online Help: http://promasoft. html.
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