Fortiphi is an intuitive mobile app that enables users to simply connect, control, and protect their home networks and automate popular devices. Fortiphi free edition features. Use fortiphi to control all your home home automation devices from a single application. Connect an unlimited number of home automation devices via the fortiphi app. Control different home automation devices from different manufactures all from an easy to use interface. Protect your network through personalized naming for recognition of any or all your compatible home automation devices.Automate any fortiphi-enabled device to receive alerts from the manufacturerfortiphi premium features. Enjoy all fortiphi @ home free app - connect, control and protect free edition home automation features. Assign limits or rights to specific network devices. Apply "Lights out" time limit to control a devices access to your network. Receive alerts for network devices for usage violations, on your phone no matter where you are in the world. Quarantine keeps your network safe by limiting network access for newly connected devices. Ability to manage multiple networks via the fortiphi app, each with their own unique settingsfortiphi currently is compatible with: nest thermostat. Nest protect. Nest camera. Philips hue. Support for more devices to be added soon.
Operating System Android