Volume Booster and Amplifier

Volume Booster and Amplifier is a volume booster app that can turn up the volume for your mobile phone or tablet. Turn volume up on your music volume by up to 20-30% with one easy tap. Volume Booster and Amplifier not only amplifies the volume on your phone, but it also enhances audio quality. (Perfect for when you're making video calls on Kaokao Talk, Skype, Facebook, LINE chat, Whats App, or Zalo) Main App Features- Simple one tap boost is easier than any other music equalizer volume or bass booster apps- Increase volume for notification sounds and speakerphone- Boost volume levels for alarm and ringtone- Boosts multimedia sound volume (perfect for mp3 streaming or any other audio streaming) - Make music louder and enhances music volume eq (amp) - Increase earpiece volume (includes bass boost) - Speaker volume booster and audio enhancer- Bluetooth volume booster and sound enhancer- Headphone volume booster and audio booster (hear high volume and louder music volume) - Equalizer sound booster (sound enhancer) - Supports most models with headphones (boosts sound quality and levels so that users can hear louder music volume) Volume Booster and Amplifier is a free volume booster app that will increase volume for android devices. This app is perfect for users who want to make speakers on the phone louder or when they want to listen to louder music enhanced by volume boost and bass boost. Download Volume Booster and Amplifier today and turn your music volume up.
Operating System Android