Reminder for Clash Royale

Reminder for CR (fan app for Clash Royale) helps to notify you once your chest is unlocked or card request is available in Clash Royale. As a Clash Royale lover, I believe that we all have the same experience in the game, that is. always forget to unlock chests or request cards on time. As we know, unlocking free chests, battle chests and card request on time is extremely important in Clash Royale to maximize the game progress and hit to highest Arena in the shortest time. In Clash Royale, we can request cards once every 8 hours. This means that the maximum number of card request is 3 times per day, and only if we (1) Make every card request on time and (2) Sleep less than 8 hours per day. A small delay may caused us to missed a card request. What we've done here is created this helper tool to remind you once a chest is unlocked or card request is available. You're free to setup different timers for all the free chest, battle chest and card request at the same time. With this Reminder, you can also configure the notification methods with the combination of vibration, popup, sound and ringtone alarm. HOW TO USE IT? Whenever you start unlocking a chest or requested cards in Clash Royale, open this app and click the button with the corresponding chest icon or card request icon. The timer will start counting down and you will be notified when the time is up. EXTRA FEATURES: Reset/Edit timer- Notification methods (Vibrate, Popup, Sound, Alarm) - Notification popup with nice image and animation- Option: Time offset (Trigger notification 5 minutes earlier) - Option: Display app shortcut icon on status barBigFans Studio makes apps for life. We are big fans of Clash Royale and we only create useful helper apps for the games that we love. We hope you love them as much as we love making them. If you have any comments, suggestions or questions, please feel free to contact us at big. fans. Thank you. Disclaimer. This app acted as a guidance app for the game Clash Royale by Supercell. This is unofficial and not associated by Supercell. All Chests images, background, popup are belong to Supercell. For more information, see Supercell's Fan Content Policy
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