Battery Mentor Pro

Get all the features of Battery Mentor with an ad-free experience. Improve your battery life and charge your mobile device faster with Battery Mentor. See how much battery life is remaining on your device, adjust the screen brightness to see the impact on battery life, and get battery saving tips. Did you know that USB cables and AC adapters from different vendors charge at different speeds? Connect different chargers to see how fast they charge your mobile device and get other tips to speed up charging. Battery Features. Remaining Battery Life - See an estimate of how much time you have left until your mobile device runs out of battery. Real-time Power - See how much power your device is consuming in real-time. When charging, this shows how much power your charger is providing. Lifetime Power - See your average device power usage and charging power over time. Power History - See a graph of device power or charging power over the last thirty seconds. When Lifetime Power is selected, power is displayed since the app was installed. Screen Features. Screen Test - Run the screen test to measure the power consumed at different brightness levels to unlock the brightness slider. Brightness Slider - Move the slider to see the impact of screen brightness on battery life. Other Features. Power Notifications - View real-time power consumption directly in the notification bar. This can help you identify apps that consume excessive amounts of power. Tips to Save Battery and Speed up Charging - Open the navigation menu to get battery saving tips, along with ways to charge your mobile device faster. The option to run the screen test is not supported on devices that use estimated power. Accuracy may vary depending on the display type, size, and resolution on devices that use estimated power.
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