Internet Security & Antivirus

Antivirus with a convenient and simple interface protects your smartphone/tablet from viruses, malicious sites, intrusive contacts, loss of personal information and also optimizes and speedups your device. In addition, it implemented the ability to block certain categories of sites. Features and advantages. 1. Antivirus - ensures comprehensive protection against cyber threats thanks to the following modules and tools: Scanner - scans and deletes malicious applications and dangerous files, Autopilot - automatically scans newly installed applications, Planner - allows you to schedule on-time scanning. Regular updates of antivirus' databases will keep antivirus ahead of new threats. 2. Antitheft - provides protection against theft or loss with the help of: locating and locking devices. Beep on device. Swipe of the on-demand. Sending secret photo. Blocking device in case of changing SIM-card. Device control via SMS commandsControlling is carried out through the portal: my. zillya.com3. Black List - the ability to block calls and SMS from selected contacts. 4. Web filter - blocking phishing and other potentially dangerous sites. To provide the most reliable protection of malicious sites the base is updated several times per hour. 5. Optimizer - helps to clean up space for personal data (photo, video, documents) by deleting junk files and caches of applications. The module will optimize system with the same level of efficiency as the best world analogues do. 6. Speedup - will help you if your smartphone works slowly or your battery loses its charge quicker than it has to. The module will unload applications from the memory and increase mobile phone performance to prolong battery life. 7. Parental Control - the ability to block categories of sites: Gambling. Social networks. Adult content. Dating websites. Games and chats. Online Shopping. TorrentsAlso implemented the ability to set a password to enter the unit. Zillya. Internet Security is the second product of the Ukrainian development team. It includes all necessary modules to provide complex protection of your device. Looking forward for your positive rates. Sincerely, Zillya. Antivirus team.
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