Flash Notification

Flashlight blinks when you have call, SMS, notification. Flash Notification comes with simple setup for flash alert on call, SMS & notification on the go. Flash Notification is the one stop app for all your flash alert needs. Try Now. Flashlight Notification also has advanced setup to configure flashlight alerts by Contacts, Apps, Ringing Mode, Time, and Battery Saving and adjust flashlight blinking. Flash Notification is best used when at work (in quiet areas like hospitals, schools, offices) or at night time without disturbing others. Flash light alerts lets you know any messages, calls, SMS by contacts and notifications by apps. So you can stop worrying about the annoying push notifications during specific times of the day or night. Features: Flash Alerts for Call, SMS & Notifications - Get brightest LED flash notification when you get call, SMS & notifications. Configure flash Notification by Contacts - Enable/disable flash Notification by contacts for call & SMS. Configure flash notification by Apps - Enable/disable flash notification by apps for notifications. Configure flash notification by Ringing Mode - Enable/disable flash notification by ringing (sound) mode. Configure flash notification by Time - Enable/disable flash notification by time duration. Configure flash notification by Battery Saving - Disable flash notification when battery is low. Configure Flashlight Frequency - Adjust flashlight blinkingThe most powerful, brightest and fastest LED Flash Notification. Try Now.
Operating System Android