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High Speed, Powerful Linux-Based Servers | Anti-Malware | One-Stream | Multi-Logins | Unlimited Bandwidth | 24/7 Live Support | Ultra-Fast Speed | 1-Click Connect| Unlimited Server Switches |You will instantly get: Free Android VPN Service. Anti-Malware and NAT-Firewall to fight against hackers and spies. Buffer-free streaming on your favorite channels. 24/7/365 Live Chat and E-Mail Support. Supported on wide range of Android Tablets. Complete data protection with up to 256 bits encryption. OpenVPN (TCP and UDP) Protocols. Secure and Anonymous File Sharing. Un-Hackable VPN on public Wi-Fi HotspotsWhen it comes to providing ultimate Wi-Fi security and private browsing, OneVPN's name pops up in everyone's mind. OneVPN takes every VPN and security feature to a whole new level by providing users more than a dozen VPN features, right within the app, requiring no additional configurations. With OneVPN's best Free VPN on Android, you get to use all the servers that OneVPN offers from around the world. OneVPN has given you unlimited sessions, interactive setup tutorials and various other best of the best features that will enhance your online experience. OneVPN App is supported on Android 5. 0 and above. OneVPN's Premium Service: You can subscribe to our premium service by visiting http://onevpn.com/pricing/. By going premium, you will get to enjoy more features including the most-wanted multi-logins and cap-less bandwidth. You'll also get multi-device and multi-OS support that will allow you to use OneVPN on all of your internet devices. Your feedback matters the most to us, so please write to us at enquiry@OneVPN.com. For 7 days with 3GB bandwidth. For more details, visit: About OneVPN: http://onevpn.com/about-us/ OneVPN Support: http://onevpn.com/support/ OneVPN on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheOneVPN/.
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