Are you a high school or college student taking science, math or engineering classes? Chances are that you are using a graphing calculator that is made with old technology, a poor resolution screen and costs upwards of $100. You wish your teacher would allow you to use a cheap smartphone app that does the same thing for a small fraction of the price. But your teacher points out that he or she cannot monitor your calculator app use on your smartphone. Enter CalcMonitor. CalcMonitor is a smartphone graphing calculator (powered by GeoGebra) along with a monitoring app that enables the smartphone calculator to be classroom or exam compliant. You can use the calculator in default mode which allows you to compute derivatives, integrals, matrix algebra, determinants, probability distributions and much more. You also have the option of using Exam Mode where you designate a proctor and the app keeps track of your use. The moment you exit Exam Mode, the app prepares a brief report and sends it via email to your designated proctor with start time and end time. This ensures that the proctor can be reasonably confident that you used only the app while you have the use of a powerful calculator right on your phone. The calculator is available to you for the life of your device. You have unlimited use of the reporting service for at least 2 years from the date of purchase. CalcMonitor was designed with great care by mathematicians and teachers with decades of experience in the classroom. It is designed to save you money (it costs less than a tenth of your standard graphing calculator) and allow the use of your smartphone in the classroom. We hope that you like it.
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