SnapLock - AppLock CleanMaster

AppLock, Clean Master, Low Power notification, Privacy security, Phone and Video Vault, Emergency SMS. Protect your privacy with applock and phone lock. #1 Phone Utility AppBe safe with Emergency SMS. Send an emergency SMS to your selected contacts with your location by directly entering the emergency code into your lock screen. SnapLock can lock all your important apps like Facebook, SnapChat, Whatsapp, Instagram and Tinder. Choose from a wide variety of interesting pattern and pin lock themes for your app lock and phone lock. or just choose a customized phone lock background screen. Boost your memory with the Memory Cleaner featureGet notified about battery charge status with Low Battery Notification Feature. Get notified when memory usage increases more than 70 % with the Low Memory notificationSecretly take photos of intruders trying to get unwanted access into your phone. Choose what apps you want to lock. Turn on/ off the phone lock and app lock feature when you want. How to activate after downloading. 1> Set a Passcode2> Set your Recovery Email. 3> Permit drawing over other apps - Set it as ON4> Permit Usage access - Set it as ONHow it works: 1> App Lock - Choose the apps you want to lock. 2> Phone Lock Background - In case you choose no theme you can still change your Phone Lock Background screen. 3> Lock Themes - Choose from a wide range of pattern and pin lock themes. 4> Low Battery Notification - Get notified when your charge goes below a certain charge status. 5> Memory Cleaner - Kill unwanted apps and boost your phone6> Settings - Choose your Snaplock app behaviour with Settings. 7> Secret Snap - Secretly record photos of intruders snooping into your phone. A secret snap is taken and stored after 5 failed login attempts. 8> Low Memory Notification- Get notified when memory usage increases more than 70 % with the Low Memory notification9> Emergency SMS -Send an emergency SMS with your location to your selected contacts just by entering the emergency code on the Lock ScreenContact us at: Twitter: @SnapLockApp @realmohibmalgi @tuppleappsTumblr: http://mohibm.
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