Multi Window Luncher

Multi Window Is the app by which we can An App By Which You Can Create Shortcuts Of Your Installed Apps Icon Into Multiple Window Tray. know a lot of custom roms have enabled all apps for multi window by default, but I find this bogs down the launch bar, not to mention it's no fun digging through 2-300 apps to find the ones you actually want to use in split screen. Now Enjoy With Multi Window Experience In Your Mobile Phone Also. Install This Free Tool To Create Your Favorite List Of Installed Icons In Your Phone. And Easily Switch From One Task To Another During Your Current Task. You Can Also Create Shortcuts Of Your Installed System Apps Icon Into Multi Window Tray. And By Clicking On These Shortcuts Icons, You Can Easily Switch From One Task To Another During. Side Bar Multi Window is a free application to provide you the ease of accessing your applications from anywhere. It is just a side launcher with your favorite applications. Shortcuts of your selected favorite applicationsThis window system if you wish, zoom to full screen operations minimized by bringing the screen if you wish, you can use efficiently. It is a free application, Let user interact and open all app they like in all screen working. It displays a desktop screen on your device. Images are WebM streaming with NDK decoding and GPU rendering. So, its response is fast. However, you can disable a screen capture if you don't need it. It displays a grid or a central circle then. Features Are: : No root required- Long press on item and drag drop for re-arrange icons. You can use both sides tray left and right. You Can Change text color, text size and text visibility. You can Change Slider Layer default themes and your choice wallpaper in your phone- customized slider layer background color (By Color Picker). You can customize animation speed of slide bar. You can change size and opacity of tab button. Easy to change Tab and style of tab. set line on multi tasking bar. Easy to use and smooth. Starts automatically when Reboot device. Takes less space of Ram and perform well. Your device never create any problem by using this app.
Operating System Android