Named one of the top 100 new home products for 2011 in This Old House magazine. NOTE: The default maximum run length is set to 96 inches and is easily increased in the preferences (Preferences>Slider Values). BalusterPro is a unique tool designed for carpenters and woodworkers, but also useful for do-it-yourselfers and homeowners. Makes calculating spacing of handrail balusters a quick and easy task. Can be used for any job requiring equal spacing between boards or slats. Flat and Stair Runs-Tapered Balusters-Inch or MetricTo use, enter the run length and baluster width and then slide the 'Balusters Needed' slider until 'Spacing Between Balusters' reaches a desired value (such as meeting code requirements). The number of balusters needed is displayed above the slider. What users are saying: Punch in staircase and handrail dimensions, choose the configuration, and this app saves you the tedium of calculating baluster spacing. Hallelujah. This Old House MagazineBalusterPro is an awesome app and can be used for a multitude of layout tasks, at your desk, on the job, in your car--wherever your phone goes, and it only costs a few bucks. Gary Katz, Master finish carpenter and publisher of THISiscarpentry.comBalusterPro makes building that stairway more heavenly-homefixated.comcarpentry carpenter construction contractor guard stair rail balcony woodworking bannister.
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