Simple Coin Flip Mega Pack

This is an add-on package for Simple Coin Flip. After installing, restart SCF and the new coins will be automatically loaded. Not a fan of Minnesota? Wish you could spin a fancy Washington dollar coin on your phone? Just want to buy me half a coffee/beer/Monster or some other tasty beverage because I released the source code to SCF and it helped you with your own Android project? This is an add-on package for Simple Coin Flip which contains additional coins including the quarters for all 50 states (and the District of Columbia) as well as a Washington dollar and JFK half-dollar. Also included by popular demand is the Two-Face (Harvey Dent) dollar. Requires Simple Coin Flip 4. 0 or higher which is (and always will be) completely Free to use and doesn't contain ads. = Version History. =v4. 2. 1: Minor change to the app manifest so the app doesn't claim it needs legacy permissions (since it doesn't use any permissions). v4. 2: By popular demand. Added the Two-Face (Harvey Dent) dollar. v4. 1: Re-added the JFK half-dollar. (Sorry about that.) v4. 0: Added all 50 state quarters. (IMPORTANT: Make sure you update the free Simple Coin Flip app to version 4. 0+ first.).
Operating System Android