OBD Boy (OBD2 - ELM327)

Bluetooth Only. OBD Boy is one more OBD2 ELM327 application for Google Play. It's a work in progress application but it can't mess up your car since ELM327 can't write anything to your cars communication networks. This application is a one man project and most interesting one to me. Support app development by sending feature requests, by sending PIDs and math formulas and especially by rating the app. I started making this due my own car has a weird problem. Unfortunately I realized that this car needs way different electronics and software to read data out than what I can do with ELM327. Maybe it can do more. Future development will reveal that. Features. Gauges. Read & Clear trouble codes. Trouble code description search. I have permission from obd-codes.com. Console. Possibility to mess with AT and PID commands, do anything you want. Download and see more. App permissions. Internet connection. Bluetooth. Vibrate- No identity related or non sense permissions never ever ever. Bug reports and other contact related stuff: http://www.nitramite.com/contact. html.
Operating System Android