Capture Web Page [Free]

Saved pages will be able to browse offline. You can save your favorite web pages as a HTML or an Image. Since this app is possible to call from another browser application, You can save anxious page immediately. Simple and easy-to-understand design. Of course, all services are available free of charge. [ Main functions ]- Save webpage as a HTML format. (Maintains the links in the page.) - Save webpage as an Image. (Even the long web page will be saved as one image.) - Manage saved HTML and Images. (Rename, Delete) - In-app browser. Bookmark- Launch by call from the other browser apps. (intent) [ Useful in a time like this ]- You can view saved pages even if your smartphone gets no signal. Saving your favorite page allows you to view them even if the site has gone. This app can be called directly by other browser app when you want to take a note on the web site. [ How to Launch by other browser application ]1. Display the WEB page that you want to capture in the browser application you are using everyday. 2. Open the menu of the browser app. (Tap the menu button on the device or on the browser app.) 3. Select the [Share] or [Share page]. 4. Select the [Capture Web Page]. 5. Select [Save] or [Capture] when the app launches.
Operating System Android